Many come to yoga for it's physical benefits, but yoga can help your mental and spiritual well-being also. Yoga helps us learn how to be present in each moment taking one breath at a time. With the combination of asana, pranayama, and meditation we can help reduce our stress levels and lower blood pressure creating a calmer mindset. 

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Yoga is not just for the incredibly flexible! Every body can do yoga. Yoga is not just about the poses, it is a combination of physical postures with breathing techniques and meditation. The word "yoga" itself simply means "to yoke," or "to join" and by practicing the disciplines of yoga one begins the journey to oneness of body, mind, and spirit.


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Have you always wanted to try yoga, but didn't really know where to start? Or are you an experienced practitioner looking to deepen your knowledge and understanding? Let me help you find the perfect class for you!

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